2 years since the closure of JOQ ALBANIA / Citizens protest in front of the Parliament, lawsuit against AKEP

Shkruar nga: G Hasani | Publikuar më: 02.12.2021, 17:52

As it was announced, today, in front of the Albanian Parliament, citizens, activists and journalists gathered for the protest called by JOQ ALBANIA, because, three days ago, it was two years since the government closed the domains of JOQ . Citizens were holding various banners in their hands and called for the archive of Albanian denunciations to be restored as it was and thus to stop the attack on media that are politically independent.

The opening speech came by the lawyer Altin Goxhaj, who emphasized that today, a lawsuit has been filed against AKEP(Electronic and Postal Communications Authority), precisely for closing the domains. Goxhaj added that this lawsuit is also made to help other media, who are afraid of opening domains with the .al suffix, after being attacked by AKEP(Electronic and Postal Communications Authority). Today, in protest came citizens from different walks of life, who unanimously thanked the JOQ for being always with them and appealed that the voice of this media not be censored by those who were in the building in front of which the protesters were lined up.

Some residents of a neighborhood in the Albanian capital, Tirana, who have problems with their homes, have started protesting in support of media freedom, as the municipality wants to demolish them. They could not come, because during the time of the protest, the police went in front of their houses.

Let us reacall that JOQ ALBANIA was declared the official enemy of the government, because in the days of the earthquake (November 26, 2019), was standing by the citizens and exposing the mismanagement of the situation by the government. At that time, through a Facebook post, Prime Minister Rama threatened the media until they closed.

He fulfilled this threat on November 29, 2019, when AKEP closed the domains of JOQ ALBANIA, 'melting' the archive of four years. Also, through an official announcement of the police, two administrators of this media were declared wanted. The real scandal lies in the fact that the site was closed under the "Games of Chance" law. However, even under the pressure, the work of JOQ ALBANIA never stopped and the staff continued to reflect on any denunciations that reached the newsroom.

One of the many conditions that the European Union has set for Albania for opening the negotiations is the one related to the media and the government bill that threatens their freedom. But despite this, the goverment continues to be determined to 'eliminates' media that speaks against. After all, the question that naturally rises is: Who's next?

Denunciations and concerns of Albanians are our priority, therefore we will always be open to any problem, injustice or violation that is done at their expense. JOQ Albania is close to Albanians! In every broadcast, news or post is only citizens's voice, without filters or party attitudes.

Nuk ka asnjë përshkrim të disponueshëm

The staff of JOQ Albania finds the opportunity to thank all those who supported us in this difficult challenge, but at the same time promises the Albanians that your worries and problems will continue to be our goal.

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