The soldiers of the Municipality obey the order/ They attack the JOQ, but they are discovered

Shkruar nga: G Hasani | Publikuar më: 04.04.2023, 22:11

For years, JOQ has faced numerous attacks by the government, and those who loyally carried out the attack on our media are patronageists and administration employees.

Recently, JOQ ALBANIA has recorded another attack by patron Nazis, but recently by those of Tirana Municipality, who, ordered by Erion Veliaj, attacked JOQ.

It is about a post on the official page of JOQ on Facebook. The post includes a bus that is almost on fire and smoke is coming out everywhere, but patronageists don't think so, at least that's what the chief patronageist has ordered them to do.

Employees of the municipality, daycares, schools, or other institutions, are dubious in the comments, writing that there is no flame and that the smoke is from another car that is passing by.

However, JOQ has been imposed one by one on these people, who blindly believe only what the government tells them.

Below is the list of people and the position they have.

FACT CHECK: Synimi i JOQ Albania është t’i paraqesë lajmet në mënyrë të saktë dhe të drejtë. Nëse ju shikoni diçka që nuk shkon, jeni të lutur të na e raportoni këtu.
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