The European Federation of Journalists strongly condemns Veliaj’s attack on JOQ: It is putting the lives of journalists at risk!

Shkruar nga: G Hasani | Publikuar më: 04.04.2023, 21:49

The General Secretary of the Federation of European Journalists, one of the largest associations of journalists in Europe, has reacted strongly regarding the public attack that Erion Veliaj made against JOQ ALBANIA and Lolita, a few days ago in a meeting with bus oligarchs.

Erion Veliaj ordered his puppet media to publish the identities of the people who are said to be hiding behind these pages, threatening arrests. Ricardo Gutierres expresses his indignation at the mention made by Veliaj to several people, threatening and accusing them of being fined offenders due to the criticism he has received through denunciatory and investigative articles.

"I am outraged by the behavior of the mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, in revealing the identity of the administrators of the Albanian satirical pages on Facebook, Lolita and JOQ. These pages, although not strictly journalistic, try to make those in power responsible through humor (like it or not). Veliaj published the names and very private family information of these individuals, claiming to have "identified" them by putting them in direct physical danger. Just a few hours ago he mentioned them again and said the police were on their way, implying that they might be arrested."

Gutierrez reminded Erion Veliaj of the attack that happened a few days ago on Top Channel, saying that he is inciting almost the same thing.

"I remind Mr. Veliaj that a few days ago a person was killed on the premises of Top Channel in Albania and that he should not contribute to a further deterioration of the safety of public commentators. This is a serious violation of the right to freedom of expression and the right to anonymity. I hope that Prime Minister Edi Rama will ensure that this dangerous behavior stops immediately. Public officials are expected to protect democracy and freedom of expression. Not to threaten and intimidate dissenting voices." – he closes the reaction.

FACT CHECK: Synimi i JOQ Albania është t’i paraqesë lajmet në mënyrë të saktë dhe të drejtë. Nëse ju shikoni diçka që nuk shkon, jeni të lutur të na e raportoni këtu.
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