Shpresa Joanidhi “rubs her hands”, another 1 billion in the tender for food for the soldiers in Vlora

Shkruar nga: M Gjini | Publikuar më: 21.08.2022, 21:17

Other money that comes out of the coffers of the Albanian state and ends up in Shpresa Joanidhi's pockets. The latter has received significant amounts in different tenders from the state institutions.

The problem is that often these tenders have raised suspicions due to the lack of competitiveness or regarding the bid's frightening proximity to the tender's limit fund. This seems to be the case where the company DION-AL, owned by Shpresa and her family, pocketed about 1 billion old ALL with VAT for cooking and catering for the soldiers of Bunavisa in Vlora.

More specifically, it is about the tender with the reference number REF-27117-04-28-2022 and with the objects "Lot 7 – Cooking and catering service for the Military Department No. 5008 (QAPU) Bunavi, Vlora". The limit fund of this procedure is 81,694,220 new ALL without VAT or almost 1 billion old ALL with VAT.

Looking at the tender documentation, it can be seen that we are dealing with a lack of competition since only two companies participated in the tender. Not only that, but Shpresa Joanidhi's firm was declared the winner even though it gave the highest bid. This offer is 80,072,808 new ALL without VAT or about 1 billion old ALL with VAT. Meanwhile, this figure it is as much as 98% of the tender's limit fund. All of the above creates strong suspicions that we are dealing with a predetermined winner.

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