Gonxja treats Gerond Meçe with millions to install a suction system

Shkruar nga: M Gjini | Publikuar më: 18.08.2022, 22:00

Blendi Gonxhja, the director of the General Directorate of Road Transport Services (DPSHTRR) seems to have returned to questionable tenders. In this particular case, it turns out that this gentleman needs a suction system, which only Gerond Meçe with his firm "Advanced Business Solutions – ABS" can install.

But who is this character? His company has long been winning tenders with "big money" from a good part of the institutions in the country. It is said in the media that Gerond Meçe is also known as a close friend of Armand Frangu. The latter is the brother in law of Prime Minister Edi Rama.

The link between them appears on an Israeli website, where there are companies dealing with technology and where this company appears with two co-owners, Armand Frangu and Gerond Meçe.

Meanwhile, the tender itself is questionable as there is a total lack of competition and the winning value is almost identical to the value of the tender's limit fund. More specifically, it is about the procedure with reference number REF-37071-07-25-2022 and with the object "Supply, installation of an external combustion waste absorption system for the two Personalization machines".

The limit fund of this procedure is 2,350,000 new ALL without VAT or about 28 million old ALL with VAT. As we presented before, only the company in question participated in the tender, which, having no competition, was declared the winner for the offered value of 2,300,000 new ALL without VAT or about 28 million old ALL. This value is as much as 97.9% of the limit fund, significantly increasing the suspicion that we are dealing with a predetermined winner from the beginning.

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