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Milva Ekonomi “gets caught”, the scheme she uses to manipulate tenders is revealed
Shkruar nga: M Gjini | Publikuar më: 31/08/2021 21:04

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Yes friends, yes. Even Milva Ekonomi, the "head" of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, seems to be one of those rulers who not only do not turn a blind eye to get their hands on the people's money, but on the contrary do the manipulations quite openly. It only takes five minutes to discover a very simple scheme that Milva Ekonomi has meticulously implemented in at least 3 different tenders to create the idea that's supposedly had competition. But what is the scheme? Only two participants participated in the three different tenders. Predetermined winner in time and the company "Firmitas Studio" shpk. The latter has participated in all three tenders and in each of them has not offered any economic value. So he participated in numbers. But what are the tenders? Let's look at them below:

Tender 1:

Object: Lot 3 – "Supervision rehabilitation of works of the irrigation-drainage program North Region". Reference number: REF-01551-07-23-2021. Limit fund: 3,772,772 new lek without VAT. Participant 1: B.O.E. "ANGERBA & ZENIT & CO & LENI-ING & STUDIO-REBUS & HYDROËATER-ALBANIA & GRAMA Consulting Engineers" LLC with an offer of 3,560,500 new ALL without VAT – winner of the tender. Participant 2: “Firmitas Studio” shpk, with NUIS L91708008J, without economic offer.

Tender 2:

Object: Lot 2 – "Supervision rehabilitation of irrigation-drainage program works Region of Central Albania". Reference number: REF-01549-07-23-2021. Limit fund: 5,664,002 772 new ALL without VAT. Participant 1: BOE “GEOKONSULT & CO & GB Civil Engineering & D & C PARTNERS & INSTITUTE DEKLIADA – ALB & ARGI” SHPK with an offer of 5,389,664 new ALL without VAT – winner of the tender.

Tender 3:

Object: Lot 1 – "Supervision rehabilitation of works of irrigation-drainage program South Region". Reference number: REF-01547-07-23-2021. Limit fund: 6,123,059 new lek without VAT. Participant 1: B.O.E. “Net – Group & A.SH. Engineering & HE & SK 11 & ARENA MK ”LLC with an offer of 5,802,800 new ALL without VAT – winner of the tender. Participant 2: “Firmitas Studio” shpk, with NUIS L91708008J, without economic offer.

It is clear that the same scheme was used in all three tenders. The company "Firmitas Studio" shpk has participated as a competitor in all three tenders and has not offered any bids to any of them. As a result, the winners in all three cases were declared the garuesti who offered a bid. In all three tenders the winning bid is almost the same as the limit fund.

But who are the owners of this firm that is used as a "dice" to fulfill the profitable goals of Milva? According to official data, its owner is a citizen named Sokol Bala. A very interesting fact is also that all three tenders had the same opening and closing dates. With such a clean and simple scheme, it is certain that even the SPAK doorkeeper would be able to catch the "mat" Milva Ekonomi. But we know this will not happen, right?